• In 2004 Improvon was approached to purchase a substantial tract of land strategically situated along the N1 highway.

  • The land was eventually purchased in 2006 by Improvon in conjunction with Acucap and Capital Property Fund.

Site particulars


  • The site is zoned light industrial.

  • It is approximately 32 hectares in size.

  • It runs along the highway in a North/South orientation.

  • The site will be landscaped using indigenous vegetation.

  • Allowances will be made for individual landscaping.





Site benefits


  • Due to the orientation of the site, exposure to the N1 highway as well as Old Pretoria road is maximised.

  • The site will consist of a series of large facilities.

  • Pumps and water tanks have been centralised so as to add value to the fire reticulation system which will in turn benefit the end user.

  • The buildings will reflect contemporary architectural styles and make use of environmentally friendly technology and practices.



  • Entrance to the site is regulated through a state of the art gatehouse facility.

  • This 8 lane structure is recessed 200m into the park to allow for the stacking and flow of large trucks and reduction of traffic.

  • The gatehouse also houses the security office which monitors the fully electrified perimeter fence